Stolen Time: Writing While Financially Challenged

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  1. 01. Jordan Thornton

    I’m the same way. I write in spurts, money or no. But I get into a project and work at it until I feel I can walk away satisfied. Two years ago, I took a job that pays less than I’m used to (which caught up to me late last year, but we got through it) but allows me down time during which I write. And my employers are fine with that. Last year, I wrote a manuscript for my first novel, the first draft of a second, and a screenplay, which I sent off to my manager in December. Before that, I got stuck in a job that demanded very long hours during which I wasn’t able to write much of anything for a year. That’s when I learned that this is something I have to do, since I physically felt it when I wasn’t writing. Hence the job change … Ultimately, of course, I’d love nothing more to ditch the day job for good. And who knows? At this rate, such a thing at least feels like a possibility now. Thanks for all the wonderful posts! All the best

  2. 02. colette

    I know what you mean about feeling different when you’re not writing. I’m okay at first and then I wind up eventually feeling off and anxious and plain old mean. And you’re right, I feel it physically, not just psychologically. My whole self feels off when I’m not writing.

  3. 03. Namrata Poddar

    What an honest post, Colette. So refreshing to see a writer who takes writing seriously ‘and’ talks money and networking. Everyday, I wish, we had this kind of transparency more visible and valued in our community. Thanks so much for sharing. And best wishes, always.

  4. 04. colette

    Thanks, Ritu. Writing is such a strange, wondrous, frustrating path. Not the one I ever thought I’d undertake, but there it is. Best wishes to you, too.

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