1. 01. Naming the Dragon: Telling Your Truth When It Involves Real People

    After I started getting published and my parents realized my writing wasn’t just a passing phase, my dad told my sister, “When Colette finally writes about me, ask her to be kind.”  Read more →

  2. 02. Strong-arm

    Lately, blogging has become my obsession. I jot ideas while I’m walking the dog, stopped at a stoplight, in the middle of meetings. I pore over pictures on Flickr to find images that embody the tone or emotion I’m trying to capture. I get excited about writing posts. I write them quickly, with abandon, which I don’t always do with my fiction.

    Still, I find myself wondering whether blogging is worth the effort. My writer crush, Chuck Wendig, whose potty mouth matches my own, recently offered this sage advice about blogging: Read more →

  3. 03. Highlights: New on Writers’ Resources

    These past weeks, I’ve added lots of links to my Writers’ Resources page. I’ve found some fantastic posts about submissions, craft, the literary marketplace, etc., so I thought I’d highlight a few. Read more →

  4. 04. Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere

    I have a confession: I am a recovering lawyer. These days, I try not to dwell on the past and to solely define myself professionally as a writer, teacher, and, now, blogger.

    But blogging has brought the lawyer in me roaring back to life.  Read more →

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