1. 01. Stumbling Toward Optimism

    I’ve always worn my pessimism like a badge of honor. Optimism is for suckers. Read more →

  2. 02. “F-Man” – The Interview and the Million Writers Award

    My short story “F-Man,” published in the Summer 2014 issue of Carve Magazine, is a top 10 finalist for the 2015 storySouth Million Writers Award. Read more →

  3. 03. “Getting Rid of My Game Face” on Role Reboot

    My essay “Getting Rid of My Game Face: How I Learned That It’s Okay to Show Emotion” is up on Role Reboot. Read more →

  4. 04. Naming the Dragon: Telling Your Truth When It Involves Real People

    After I started getting published and my parents realized my writing wasn’t just a passing phase, my dad told my sister, “When Colette finally writes about me, ask her to be kind.”  Read more →

  5. 05. Strong-arm

    Lately, blogging has become my obsession. I jot ideas while I’m walking the dog, stopped at a stoplight, in the middle of meetings. I pore over pictures on Flickr to find images that embody the tone or emotion I’m trying to capture. I get excited about writing posts. I write them quickly, with abandon, which I don’t always do with my fiction.

    Still, I find myself wondering whether blogging is worth the effort. My writer crush, Chuck Wendig, whose potty mouth matches my own, recently offered this sage advice about blogging: Read more →

  6. 06. Letter Phobic

    My mother wrote letters whenever she was angry. Pages and pages typed on her electric typewriter, filled with reworked accusations framed by Whiteout and multiple X’s savaged into the paper. Clearly written in a flurry of rage. It was enough to make anyone hate letters.

    At least, it was enough to make me hate them. Read more →

  7. 07. The Cat’s Away

    When I was a lawyer, work weekends were my worst nightmare. They meant several all-nighters in a row, lousy food, sleeping on my office sofa, begging the partner on Monday morning for a half hour to go home and shower, only to have him say, “When you’re done, you go home.”

    These days, the possibility of a work weekend fills me with glee–and fear. Read more →

  8. 08. Fighting Words

    I am not the easiest personality. I’m emotional and opinionated. I obsess. I’m the ultimate pessimist. I’m a self-professed, consummate grudge holder.

    But I’m not someone who’s quick to anger–at least, not with anyone outside my family.

    Still, certain topics get a rise out of me. Certain words are fighting words, even when I don’t want them to be. Read more →

  9. 09. Stolen Time: Writing While Financially Challenged

    I write early in the morning. I write late at night. I write in between critiquing papers and preparing lesson plans and helping my son with his homework and feeding the dog and making dinner and critiquing more papers and teaching workshops and attending writers groups and getting the car fixed and the driving my son to school and the dog to the vet and spending quiet time with my husband and kid and visiting relatives and going out to dinner with friends.

    I write whenever I can. I write because I want to write. I write because I have to write. I write. I write. I write.

    That’s what all writers do, isn’t it?

    Yes, but with varying degrees of difficulty, depending on their financial situation. Read more →

  10. 10. Writing is Fucking Hard

    I have a writer crush. Read more →

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