1. 01. Stumbling Toward Optimism

    I’ve always worn my pessimism like a badge of honor. Optimism is for suckers. Read more →

  2. 02. Change Schmange

    I hate change. Hate it.

    Part of the problem is that I’m wildly indecisive and a devout pessimist. I take Murphy’s Law seriously: What can go wrong, must go wrong.

    So, while some people see change as an opportunity for growth and good fortune, I see it as potential disaster waiting to ambush me. Read more →

  3. 03. Fighting Words

    I am not the easiest personality. I’m emotional and opinionated. I obsess. I’m the ultimate pessimist. I’m a self-professed, consummate grudge holder.

    But I’m not someone who’s quick to anger–at least, not with anyone outside my family.

    Still, certain topics get a rise out of me. Certain words are fighting words, even when I don’t want them to be. Read more →

  4. 04. Make a List and Check It Twice

    In this season of giving and gratefulness, I have a confession to make: I am a big old pessimist. Any glass I see isn’t just half empty, it’s parched dryer than the Sahara and has a crack bigger than the San Andreas fault. Read more →

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