1. 13. Bitch Slap Your Inner Control Freak

    Ms. CF (a/k/a the control freak who rules my life) has been in my head a lot lately, making it hard to write. She and the rational side of my brain (let’s call him Mr. R) are besties. They love to commiserate about how to get me away from this writing…thing…and into something more practical and monetarily satisfying. Something safe. Something controllable. Read more →

  2. 14. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next

    To some writers–including me–plot can seem like the dirtiest, most despicable of four letter words. Read more →

  3. 15. Embrace

    For this exercise, you get to choose an image to pair with the writing prompt. Read more →

  4. 16. Let The Wheels Turn

    Here’s a writing exercise to do with your morning coffee, or over iced tea at lunch, or with a drink late at night.  Read more →

  5. 17. The Days of Cards and Candy

    One of the hardest parts about writing is getting started. That’s why I incorporate writing exercises–both in-class and take-home–into all my classes. Writing exercises are a way to get the creative side of your brain working without the judgmental side chiming in. They’re a way of generating ideas. They’re a way of getting unstuck. Which is why I’ve decided to start sharing writing prompts on this blog.  Read more →

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