1. 13. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next

    To some writers–including me–plot can seem like the dirtiest, most despicable of four letter words. Read more →

  2. 14. Embrace

    For this exercise, you get to choose an image to pair with the writing prompt. Read more →

  3. 15. Let The Wheels Turn

    Here’s a writing exercise to do with your morning coffee, or over iced tea at lunch, or with a drink late at night.  Read more →

  4. 16. The Days of Cards and Candy

    One of the hardest parts about writing is getting started. That’s why I incorporate writing exercises–both in-class and take-home–into all my classes. Writing exercises are a way to get the creative side of your brain working without the judgmental side chiming in. They’re a way of generating ideas. They’re a way of getting unstuck. Which is why I’ve decided to start sharing writing prompts on this blog.  Read more →

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