A Feminist’s Reaction to Trump’s Election

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  1. 01. Cindy BG

    Colette, coincidental to your post, my current obsession is with structure. I have a pile of scripts that once I settle down and apply the structure info I’ve fed into my brain over the past weeks, I will have some great scripts! To have a fully realized script is going to feel awesome! Thanks for the post.

  2. 02. Ruth

    Thank you for writing about this today, Colette. You are such a light. The quote resonates for me, too: “What a privilege it must be to be able to look past…[x]…because it won’t ever affect you.” I get the meaning. But in future discussions, one thing I hope I have the courage to stress is that while the injuries may not be inflicted directly on a privileged group, each person in the world is impoverished and poisoned from racism, misogyny, homophobia, prejudice against immigrants, and prejudice against the disabled. White men are SO malnourished from not accepting diverse influences. The way I feel today, though: let them starve. They deserve what they get from this new administration.

  3. 03. Bob

    I embrace Colette’s call to open our hearts and mend the nation but feel judged by Ruth merely by the color of my skin and my chromosome content, neither of which I had any choice about, nor do I think those characteristics determine the content of my character. I struggle to understand how someone could have voted for Mr Trump yet think those who voted for him are most in need of nourishment and human kindness. I suspect starvation of their souls may have influenced their electoral choice.

  4. 04. R. L. Dowell

    I like that Generation Y takes it to the street. Therein is the key for me.

  5. 05. Ruth

    I am sorry for my hurtful words, Bob. It was wrong for me to make the blanket statement.

    I shouldn’t have posted angry; I should have calmed down and edited first. I am prejudiced against the people in the red counties and states right now. It’s going to take a lot of self-improvement on my part before I transcend my fear and anger.

  6. 06. Jim

    How lonely and sad it is to live in a nation that forgets the every day war of the disadvantaged. Battles are sometimes or seemingly often lost. Every life, regardless of color, creed, etc…a daily, offense, weekly battle, monthly war. But there is something much, much worse we may not see through the smoke and weariness of the day to day.

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