Finish That First Draft And Other Writing Tips

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  1. 01. Sue Coletta

    For those struggling with time to write your advice is excellent, Colette. Personally, I’ve never had the “find time to write problem,” but I definitely have the inner critic screaming “You suck!” more often than I’d like. I much prefer the sweet voice crooning, “You’ve just created magic,” but she isn’t around as much, sadly. Can you tell who’s screaming at me today? LOL

  2. 02. colette

    Oh, the “You suck!” voice is the most prevalent one for me too – that one pounds any sweet voice that tries to pipe up in my head. In fact, I don’t even trust that sweet voice because as soon as she says something nice, a rejection comes flying into my inbox. 🙂

  3. 03. Ruth

    Thank you for this post, Colette. Just what I need as a dive back to work after the summer.

  4. 04. colette

    My pleasure! Thanks for watching!! And BTW, you get a pass on writing this summer. Something tells me you had other things on your mind!

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