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  1. 01. Sue Coletta

    I love your posts, Colette. They’re so honest and open. As far as game face, I do tend to bury painful emotions down deep. I feel so much, maybe too much. Whether I know someone or not, I empathize with their struggles, feel their pain as if it were my own. That’s how I’m built. (Don’t get me started on ASPCA commercials — river of tears.) When it comes to my own anguish, devastation… that stays hidden, secret. Until… I can pass it to a character, and then it becomes easier to manage because it no longer belongs to me. As writers, I think we need to feel everything around us, need to let it impact our lives so we can recreate it, but not at the expense of our well-being. It sounds to me like you’ve got a firm foothold on who you are. Which is a helluva lot more than some can say.

  2. 02. colette

    Your empathy, your ability to feel others’ emotions as deeply as you feel your own, is what makes you a wonderful writer.

    I wonder, too, whether both of our tendancy to bury our own emotions is what drove us to write in the first place. They’ve got to come out somewhere, and pouring all those pent-up feelings into our characters is probably the best use of those emotions anyway.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing, Sue. You’re the best.

  3. 03. Sue Coletta

    I think you’re right about writing. It allows us the release we need. Happy writing, Colette!

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