Your Own Doppelganger

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  1. 01. cwediting

    I think Lisanne is on the right in all the pictures and you’re on the left. This is a great writing exercise, yet I question whether one would recognize one’s own movements and gestures unless you spent some time watching yourself on video. And now I wonder if I should have continued that sentence with the preposition one instead of you.

  2. 02. colette

    First off – you may be right about the pics. That would be my guess. I’ve got to confirm with my dad, though. 🙂

    Second – that’s a great point about not necessarily recognizing one’s own gestures and movements. I wonder whether that’s because I’ve spent my entire life witnessing my own movements and gestures mirrored by someone else. Though I think everyone has at least once seen someone who’s eerily similar to themselves in startling ways. Even I’ve had that experience outside of my sister.

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