Naming the Dragon: Telling Your Truth When It Involves Real People

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  1. 01. Ruth

    AHHHH, such a good post! Thank you, Colette. You’ve spurred a brainstorm of reactions in me. I haven’t mastered proper blog etiquette, so please don’t hesitate to delete this comment if it constitutes a highjacking of sorts.

    (1) Your description of the inspiration for the characters in “Lamb” (great story, btw) reminds me that good storytelling involves having a firm psychological understanding the main players; even if, or perhaps, especially when, they are composites of many real people.

    (2) That is so lovely that your dad is a subscriber here! Mr. Sartor, I have no words for how much your daughter’s expertise as a writer and encouragement as a teacher means to me. She taught me how to read short stories, which felt a lot like learning to see.

    (3) There. #2 is an example of a non-fiction personal essay I could write without any compromise: How I Learned to Read Short Stories and the Brilliant Teacher Who Taught Me (but it needs a better title).

    (4) There’s a special place in heaven for the families of bloggers. If my dad has read this post of mine, he and I both have blocked it out:

  2. 02. colette

    I LOVE your comment. It demonstrates excellent blog etiquette, and the numbered points appeal to the contracts lawyer in me. 🙂

    (1) Thank you.

    (2) I think it sometimes pains my dad to be a subscriber, but he’s been a champ–we even get some laughs out of it. And thank you for the kind words. I’ve been blessed to have you as a student, someone whose talent and tenacity and kindness I so greatly admire.

    (3) Ha! Quite true.

    (4) Oh, my god. Your post made me giggle. And BTW, I can actually say that my father is the king of cards. Probably the only man I know who’s consistent about buying them and makes sure they mean something.

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